Review of FREEDOM Custom Abstract Painting

Deb Breton is really quite magnificent. My girlfriend, Valerie and I just had a daughter and always visit the Honey Badger Coffee House where Deb displays her art. We all became friends and Val really was moved by her work. Deb gifted us a piece for the new home we just bought and Val and I were very touched by it. It just so happens at that same time, Valerie and I were about to celebrate 3 years together. I wanted to do something special, so I asked Deb to make me a painting in like 5 days (LOL) that said Freedom. Which is the name of the street we bought our first home in as a family. So, over the next few days, she and I collaborated and what you see is the final product. This painting signified the freedom that my family and I have in our new home. The freedom to love and laugh and make many memories. Thank you Deb! Much Love – Ryan Berg – Rohnert Park, CA




  • Commissioned Abstract Painting 18" x 36" Gallery Wrapped Canvas
  • Collector Ryan Berg
  • Project Year 2017