Pushing Myself

As a creative I try to keep pushing myself

Some of you might know, that yours truly, used to turn wood on a lathe many moons ago. Back then, we wood turners would make bowls, bottle stoppers and such. But even then I knew, that I liked color – A LOT of color. Which is probably why, when I started painting I just couldn’t get enough color in my life. When you’re working with wood, there’s NOT a lot of color. You have light brown, brown, red, tan, etc.  Not surprisingly, in the last few years of my wood-turning career, I was carving, painting and dyeing the wood. Guess, I should have known then, that it was only a matter of time before I would make the leap to painting.

great blue heron wood turned and carved by artist deb breton
Great Blue Heron among the reeds – Wood turned and carved. Airbrush finish
painted woodturning
“Tree of Life” Vase with Carved Tree Roots
Turned from a log of birch wood.

All these colors!

When I began painting ALL THESE COLORS fascinated me (remember I came from the world of brown wood). I really expected to grow out of that phase. Here’s one of my earlier colorful paintings, Mr. McGinnis, that just shipped to the U.K.. I love, LOVE these beautiful bright colors, they just make you feel so happy.

Mr. McGinnis abstract crow painting - close-up
Mr. McGinnis abstract crow painting – close-up

Brightening the world with color

If you’ve followed along with me on this blog, you’ve noticed that my love of color hasn’t diminished. In fact, I push myself everyday to find intriguing color combinations that brighten the world. I can remember being taught in school that bright colors, or LOUD paintings were amateur, but times have changed. I love  bright colors, makes me feel alive. And based on my experiences this year, I’m not alone, a happy balance can be had. And I will keep pushing myself to strike that balance.

Maybe that’s why I love abstract art?

Perhaps the reason I love creating abstract art is that you CAN use these vivid colors! Working intuitively my aim is to create an emotion on canvas, much like a writer uses words.  Some days I get in the studio with a well thought out idea and it fails miserably. Other times I come in the studio not knowing WHAT  the hell I’m about to do.  But when I follow my gut, oftentimes a painting will come together so effortlessly, it’s almost like magic. Like Wayne Dyer used to say, when you’re inspired, you’re in-spirit. Long ago, probably the most important advice I received was: don’t wait for inspiration to ‘hit you’, create everyday if you can, even when you don’t feel particularly inspired. You know, they were right, those ‘practice’ days are sometimes the best days!

Wishing you all the best days filled with lots of love,

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    1. Deb

      Great, thank you for stopping by Tyhara!

  1. Phil

    Gorgeous colorful bird painting, Deb

    1. Deb

      Not too bright Phil? Thank you!

  2. drjackie1

    I am also a lover of lots of color in my abstract paintings. I don’t live in a black-and-white world. And, yes, I create something every day, whether it is writing, painting, or cooking. My motto: The vision within creates the reality without.”

    1. Deb

      From one kindred colorful spirit to another – I see you! The world needs more color – especially in this day and age!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Deb! I really like this one! You’ve been busy haven’t you? Love the pieces you have done lately!

    1. Deb

      Hi – and thank you! I think you saw both of these in person, they were in their beginning stages! Layers, many, many layers of paint used judiciously

  4. Otto von Münchow

    I think the colourful approach to your art is great. Love it.

    1. Deb

      Thanks Otto!

    1. Deb

      Thanks Inese!!

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