Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I’ve worked at a feverish pitch to get this portrait painting of Ruth Bader Ginsburg finished. This is one of those paintings I felt driven to do and spent many long days painting. In many ways Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s story is a modern-day David and Goliath story. Her unassuming small stature, coupled with her persistence and intelligence, make her unstoppable! And that’s a great thing because we need her on the Supreme Court, now more than ever!

Supreme Warrior Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

What makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg so fascinating?

Half the fun of painting portraits, is studying about the people themselves. I have always loved reading biography’s. So learning about what makes people ‘tick’ is always fascinating to me. What’s more, you learn things about them that almost seem contradictory. For instance: she shared a love of Opera with Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia was über conservative, while progressive Justice Ginsburg fights for equality, particularly women’s equality. While I could list all the well-known facts about her political life with her appointment to the Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 1993.  I want to take a moment and share some of the lesser known things about her that are equally interesting.


  • She will be 85 on March 15, 2018 (now I know why there was such urgency from ‘spirit’ to paint her!
  • She does 20 push-ups a day and a 30 second plank!
  • When asked ” When will there be enough women on the court?”  Her answer: “when there are nine”.
  • She was one of only nine women in a class of 500 at Harvard Law — and was also taking care of her 14-month-old baby at the time.
  • After law school, Ginsburg spent time as a law clerk. In 1963, she began teaching at Rutgers University Law School. In 1965, she hid her second pregnancy by wearing oversize clothes to avoid discriminatory employment practices.
  • Before RBG was added to the Supreme Court, there was only one bathroom on site — for men. Once she was appointed, however, they got a woman’s bathroom.
  • She loves opera and has said that Mozart, Verdi, and Puccini are her three favorite opera composers. She has appeared as an extra in two Washington Opera productions, once in a powdered wig and full costume and once as herself.
  • She likes classic movies, golfing, water skiing, and horseback riding.


Happy 85th Birthday Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!!


Painting Available Here


You truly are our SUPREME WARRIOR!


Thank you for your courage, strength and tenacity – you have improved the life of so many, and for that we are grateful!

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  1. Elise Nicely

    Deb, you have out done yourself! Each portrait is such exquisite and captures the spirit of the person you are painting.

    1. Deb B

      Well Hi Elise, so nice of you to stop by. I really appreciate your comment. It’s nice to know that I’ve done her “justice”

  2. clinock

    A fascinating painting of a fascinating woman. I love the idea of her as a warrior. Well done Deb

    1. Deb B

      So glad you like her as a warrior, thank you John. She’s a fascinating lady. Both her and her departed husband were way ahead of their time.

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