Medium size paintings with one side measuring at least 18″ (46cm)

All paintings are signed and include a certificate of authenticity and a provenance document with all the painting’s details. Prices for all original paintings include insured shipping with tracking in the U.S. International art collectors you’ll get a discounted shipping rate. If you don’t see your country listed when checking out, please contact me.

  • Dolly Parton Portrait Quick View
    • Dolly Parton Portrait Quick View
    • Dolly Parton Portrait

    • $1,540.00
    • Inspired by Dolly Parton's song "Coat Of Many Colors" Where to begin. Dolly Parton is a wonderfully uplifting storyteller / songwriter. AND she's such an inspiration. Not to mention, a LGBTQ+ ally and supporter of Black Lives Matter. Dolly's songwriting has a way of lifting and inspiring people from all walks of life. She presents it as perfectly in keeping…
  • Screen Time Quick View
    • Screen Time Quick View
    • Screen Time

    • $1,970.00
    • Life in the times of Covid-19 My playful and colorful interpretation of life during times of COVID-19 - see the cat and goldfish. We have become so engrossed in our phones and computers because they've been a major source of communication for us these days. Our homes have become our offices as we continue to work from home. From Zoom…
  • Effervescence Obscured Quick View
    • Painting SOLD
      Effervescence Obscured Quick View
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    • Effervescence Obscured

    •   Effervescence Obscured Acrylic and ink original abstract painting Measures 16 x 20" x .80" traditional stretched canvas. Signed on the back, can be signed on the front if desired (let me know). Wired hardware attached, ready to hang. Coated with UV spray satin varnish to protect. Includes signed certificate of authenticity.
  • Effervescent Dream Quick View
    • Effervescent Dream Quick View
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    • Effervescent Dream

    • $420.00
    • Effervescent Dream Original abstract painting on canvas Floating in an effervescent field, by the water. Stillness... peace and harmony with all that is. The invisible, becomes realized and made manifest. Words and symbolism written beneath the surface with charcoal and marker Measures 16 x 20" x .75. Sides painted white. Signed en verso and ready to hang. Includes signed certificate…
  • Feeling Festive Quick View
    • Sale!
      Feeling Festive Quick View
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    • Feeling Festive

    • $360.00
    • Another in the Effervescence Series, in this one I feel like we're finally turning the corner in 2020. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel! The others in the series have more distress in them and it's by design to give us a feel of what we've been through. In the previous paintings we can see…
  • Effervescence Series –  Piece of Peace Quick View
  • Dimming of the Day Quick View
    • Painting SOLD
      Dimming of the Day Quick View
    • Dimming of the Day

    • Landscape impressionism West Coast Living The coastal mist is rolling in against a backdrop of large redwood trees, it captures the mood of our Mediterranean climate here in Sonoma County, California. Perfect weather for growing grape varietals, most notably red for Merlot and Pinot Noir. This mixed media landscape painting has orange, pinks with a hint of purple & teal…