Just Sold Metal Print

Sold Metal Print of Balancing Sun & Moon Energies


Sold metal print of Balancing Sun and Moon painting
Sold metal print of “Balancing Sun and Moon Energies” GORGEOUS large 20″ x 20″ sold at the latest exhibition


Many, many thanks to the collector who picked up this large 20″ x 20″ metal print at the Honey Badger Coffee House this week!

In these trying times isn’t it any wonder that we turn to yoga to balance our masculine and feminine energies? Somehow showing up to the world with positive energy has a whole new meaning, 20 minutes or more of meditation is almost required these days. Here’s to finding your balance as we walk through the auguries of life. Ideal Yoga / ashram / sacred space painting. Inspired by sun – moon- alternate nostril breathing from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

You can get this as a canvas / metal print, phone / tablet cover, pillows or greeting cards!

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