Show-off Painting Sold

One of my very favorite paintings sold this weekend..

multi colored birds on a wire painting sold
Show-off painting sold


It’s no secret, I get attached to the paintings I make. They say you’re not supposed to do that, but how do you not? They start as an idea in your head that is made manifest on canvas or paper. Maybe this is why I consider all of them my babies??? Not only is this something created from your heart, there’s also something just so satisfying when people groove on your work. And perhaps the best rush, is seeing where the painting ends up, how it looks in someone’s home or office and what kind of energy it brings to the place?!


Many thanks to my newest collector for giving Show-off a new home!


Now to birth a new baby!



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  1. graham mcquade

    Well done Deb, always good to get a sale and if you like it that much you can always do another one

    1. Deb B

      Thanks Graham, always a good feeling indeed. I actually did create a series of these birds all in different color palettes ~ too much fun!

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