Sold – Road Trip abstract painting

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Sold  – Road Trip Abstract Painting


This abstract painting titled Road Trip, sold this past weekend at my solo show. The best part? It went home with a collector that has 2 more of my paintings in their art collection. This painting was given as a Mother’s Day gift to uplift and bring some life into their office space. It is times like these, where I’m so grateful to have helped (in part) to bring a smile to someone’s face.



Road Trip, abstract painting by Deb Breton. Sold
Road Trip, abstract painting by Deb Breton. Sold



Art is a gift

When giving art as a gift – it just never seems to fail in bringing a smile to someone’s face! One of the best perks of being an independent professional artist is that I get to meet and work with some pretty incredible people!  It is so rewarding to see that painting hanging on their wall and knowing the joy it brings them!!


Road Trip is an abstract that is painted with Pantone’s 2018 color palette “verdure”. Just love this color combination, so uplifting!




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