Spring Has Sprung

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Spring Has Sprung


Well, it’s that time of year again where everything is bursting with life, yes indeed, spring has sprung. The hummingbirds buzz about, dive bombing one another to get the goods first. Colorful blooms shoot out of the ground and flower on trees. Spring is a magical time of year when earth’s energy and the warming sun have an energetic effect and good things happen. I know it brightens my days to see all the color and to know that the days are indeed getting longer. So with all this action happening all around me, how can I not paint what I’m feeling?! I wanted to convey movement as I’m watching life spring into color all around.  Using texture creates the necessary drama, where dips and swirls and shadows play together harmoniously to create something more than meets the eye.


spring has sprung textured painting
Spring has Sprung by California artist Deb Breton Mixed Media on textured board. Framed Measurements: 7.75″ x 13.25″ x .5″ Spring has Sprung is a richly textured painting of yellows, orange, and red pinks. With very energetic paint strokes.


I started this piece, with a panel that was sealed and then used coats of gesso to give it a good ground for adhesion. Next, a mix of gel and compound that I spread with a putty knife to create all the textures. You’ve got to let this sit awhile and cure before proceeding. Once it dries you can sand any imperfections or spots that you feel takes away from it. Personally I like the peaks and valleys and deep rifts and swirls, after all that’s the reason for texture on this one. It’s about creating MOVEMENT…

spring has sprung started out with texture being applied first
Textured applied to sealed and gesso’d boards. They need time to fully “cure” before the next step. I’ll usually do several at a time since the process gets pretty messy…


Once everything is completely dry, then you’re ready to paint. You can leave them rough or you can sand as I mentioned. You can also choose to not varnish them. I almost always varnish my paintings, sometimes I’ll add an isolation coat before I do. This one is a small painting but good things come in small packages!



Spring has Sprung textured painting by California artist Deb Breton
Spring has Sprung – close up.


I have frames that I bought years ago when I was a framer. Every once in a while the frame measurements would be slightly off, so they became ‘oops’ frames. I was able to buy these for a significant savings and now I’m cutting panels to fit the odd frame sizes. These frames are PERFECT for textured paintings. Hmmmm…. wish I had bought more!!! When creating the texture be sure that if you are going to frae this, that you place your frame over the piece before it hardens, you want a good fit on the edges. Alternatively you can also mount your panels in a float frame or mat. I liked the small size and minimalistic look of this frame, it keeps your focus on the color and movement.

To add this one to your collection click here. You can also see the entire painting close up on that page too. In fact all my paintings are now visible with a magnifying ‘glass’, just head over to any painting in the shop under BUY ART, click on the painting you want to see and then hover over the image directly opposite the paintings description.

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