Stargazing abstract painting with short video

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Stargazing – the Northern Lights

abstract sky painting northern lights
Stargazing at the night sky  – northern lights. Abstract painting by Deb Breton. Measures 9 x 12 on canvas


At the center of our solar system lies the sun, the yellow star that sustains life on our planet. The sun’s many magnetic fields distort and twist as our parent star rotates on its axis. When these fields become knotted together, they burst and create so-called sunspots. Usually, these sunspots occur in pairs; the largest can be several times the size of Earth’s diameter.

At the center of the sun, the temperature is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius). As the temperature on its surface rises and falls, the sun boils and bubbles. Particles escape from the star from the sunspot regions on the surface, hurtling particles of plasma, known as solar wind, into space. It takes these winds around 40 hours to reach Earth. When they do, they can cause the dramatic displays known as the aurora borealis.



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  1. maryellenwall

    When I first saw it, the colors struck me and I had to study every square inch of it. I wondered about the white delineation, then voila! The short vid showed those lines in progress. Thanks for posting the marvellous finished work, but also giving insight on how you created it.

    • Deb B

      I’m glad you stopped by-liked the work and that the short video made some sense. Have a fabulous day!

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