SYNAPSE abstract painting

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Synapse – latest abstract painting



From Ancient Greek σύναψις ‎(súnapsis, “conjunction”), from συνάπτω ‎(sunáptō, “to clasp”).


noun syn·apse \ˈsi-ˌnaps, sə-ˈnaps\
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Simple Definition of synapse

  • biology : the place where a signal passes from one nerve cell to another


synapse an abstract original painting by artist deb breton
SYNAPSE by Deb Breton. Acrylic on 14 x 11 x .75 stretched canvas.


Side view - painting hanging on wall
Side view – painting hanging on wall

Maybe it is because my partner was diagnosed with MS years ago… or maybe it’s the idea of my brain firing so much lately with painting ideas that keep me up at night…

SYNAPSE abstract painting by Deb Breton. Acrylic on 14 x 11 x .75 stretched canvas. Many, many layers on this one with transparent glazes throughout, it glows. Signed on the back (verso) and front. Sides are painted blue to match the paintings theme. No framing necessary. Hanging hardware is attached and is ready to be hung in any area that needs a pop of color!


You can own the original with all the spark and pizzaz!

Or the print here


Wishing you a fun-filled weekend with lots of laughs and hugs,


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5 Responses

  1. karengadient

    I like it! Reminds me of my own work, admittedly. Did you use acrylic markers for the lines? Took me forever to find a way to draw crisp lines with acrylic and I do that a lot. Getting a good thick white line is always a challenge. I have several brands of acrylic markers, both refillable and not, in different widths.

    • Deb B

      I used a Sakura Permanent white marker (Pen-Touch) EF to draw the lines. Sometimes I just paint them with a liner, but the white in this is so much more vibrant! I actually want to add some marker/brushes to my arsenal soon, the marker was much quicker, though not as much fun! Have a great weekend Karen!

  2. artandmoondreams

    Beautiful, love the vibrancy and mingling of colors. Has a nice dialogue with the viewer…me…enjoying the abstracted shapes and textures, looking for connections…then the title hits me…and I laugh. Great painting, thank you for sharing.

    • Deb B

      I’m so glad this struck your fancy and even garnered a laugh for you Haunani. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

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