Underwater Reef Painting work

Hello beautiful people!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I was busy most of it, my partner was working all weekend so our Valentines day was put on hold… I tried to keep myself busy, which these days, is VERY easy to do. Seems like there is always something that needs to be done, mow the yard, food shopping, laundry – I did it all and worked in the studio! I always have the most fun though when I’m drawing or dabbing colors on canvas!


Varnishing an acrylic painting is necessary, several coats in fact will protect a painting from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Varnishing helps preserve the colors of a painting and it’s also best practice to not put those paintings in direct sunlight if you can help it.

I usually put 3 coats on, alternating directions each time. I figure every coat helps ensure the investment of my time. Now with the bigger studio, I have the room to lay everything out and varnish several paintings at once. Saves time, energy and water (to clean the brushes). Even though the California drought is easing, I’m always mindful about our resources and the environment.

Underwater Reef painting – Latest Work

This is a diptych that I was working on a week ago, I took the photo from a low angle so you could see the texture.

varnishing new paintings
Varnishing newest paintings, see the textures on this one?!


Here’s the STRAIGHT ON view:

underwater reef textured painting
Underwater Reef – Abstract Textured Painting by Deb Breton 12 x 24 x .75


I debated about adding fish into the scene, but felt it would be too much of a distraction. What do you think? Too much – or sure – pizzazz it up?


Here’s a close-up of just a small portion of one panel

Close up of the underwater reef painting
Close up of effects on Underwater Reef painting


There are so many juicy textures and colors! You can see something different every time you look at it, it almost puts you in a trance!


Well thanks for taking the time to look. Have a great night!





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  1. Joe Yang

    Beautiful! I love the color scheme, and the look of the textures 🙂

    1. Deb B

      Sweet, thank you Joe ☺

  2. Lidia Kenig Scher

    Nice blues! Yummy texture and great movement. Is your texture created with modeling paste? Impasto with heavy body acrylics, or…?
    BTW, thank you for liking my piece, Flowing.

    1. Deb B

      Hi Lidia! Thanks for stopping by, yes I used 209 Nova Gel in combination with heavy body paints. Try it, I think you’ll love the texture, if you’re into that – which I am very tactile… BTW, FLOWING is a gorgeous piece, love it!

  3. maryellenwall

    I love textures and your colors seem to shimmer in the ripples. I bought some canvas sets of different sizes to do a diptych or triptych, or even multi-tych of the smaller ones. The thing holding it up (one thing) is knowing where I would put it! I still haven’t completed the one single I’ve had waiting for a month. I paint for a hobby but market my books, thus writing has taken priority. As for the question on complicating the picture with fish, I would resort to cutting out colored cellophane or something as transparent that might work, like fish spirits. I say that because I have cut-outs stuck to my painting-in-progress now, and I move them around every so often.

    1. Deb B

      Mary, I admire that you are both a writer and a visual artist – I would imagine that leaves you very little time! LOVE the idea of cutting out fish and then moving them about until finding a harmonious composition, yes! I’m going to try that on my next one – thanks. Here’s to finding time for your dip,trip,multi tych! (Hey that has a great snappy sound to it!). 🙂

  4. Ruth Collis

    WOW! Absolutely LOVE how this turned out! Such great fun isn’t it. I would like to share this to my Facebook student page if you are ok with it. That DEFINITELY shows the great texture with your side angle. Thanks for showing that. Just wonderful and lovely.

    1. Deb B

      Yes! You’re right Ruth, loved creating this! And if your a tactile person (like me), you just want to run your hands over it and be immersed in it. Please, feel free to share. Thanks Ruth.

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