Update to the Healing Wall – Cancer Mural

It’s time for an update to the healing wall!

The healing wall was started by my friend who is undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of cancer. She is a self avowed logical, rational left brain thinker, a professor. And while art may not be her vocation, nor her pursuit, she is using art as a means of healing.


Didn’t catch the story from the beginning? Go here to see the start of the Healing Wall with pictures


Coloring books aren’t for kids anymore

coloring book www.debbreton.comMy friend received a great gift from Kim – an adult coloring book! While initially I think she was a little dismissive about the idea of a coloring book, I think she is finding it to be a great way to ‘escape’ during her week-long chemo therapy treatments in the hospital.  The many hours spent coloring in images that look like mandala’s, not only get her out of her head, but give her hours of pleasure. She tells me her doctors think it’s hysterical that ‘the college professor’ is coloring all day long!


Maria takes the baton and brings yummy food and spices

When we last left off, Mary from San Diego was leaving after being caregiver for the week after my friends discharge from her 2nd chemo treatment. Next, the baton was handed off to Maria from Texas. Maria was smart, she packed a suitcase full of spices and marinades, she was well aware that my friend – does NOT and can NOT cook. So Maria came prepared with spices and she’s an excellent cook who uses lots of Asian aromatic spices and healthy organic foods. Maria herself had cancer and she cooks with mindfulness in what she prepares. I’m so grateful to see others making the connection between what they eat and their health. One day it will be commonplace that what we ingest is directly indicative of our health and well-being. So Maria, thank you for preparing healthy yummies!


Pastor Mason contributes to the healing

maria attaching board www.debbreton.com

So while in the hospital for her 3rd round of chemo treatment my friend was visited by a Quaker pastor; pastor Mason. My friend had told him all about her ‘wall’ and asked that he come up with something to put on her healing wall.  Maybe I’m wrong here, but I think the Pastor was probably a little taken aback. But to my friends surprise, he showed up to her room a few days later with this:

Pastor Mason's Mixed Media artwork
Pastor Mason’s Mixed Media artwork

Don’t go into the light!

Maria pasted Pastor Mason’s artwork with all the images, onto yellow poster board and then added striped wrapping paper all along the edges before adhering it to the healing wall.

Pastor Mason’s mixed media piece translates roughly like this:

The 3 girls in the lower left are shearing a sheep , they are making new hair for my friend. The Mountain is serenity. The Native American (top right) is doing a healing dance. Above the Mona Lisa’s head is a bunch of vines with smiling faces on them, my friend interprets this as her nerves that are regenerating and happy. Finally the photo to the right of the gals shearing the sheep – this is the “light”. When my friend first went into the hospital she needed to have surgery to implant a stent. Just before going into surgery Robin said to her “Don’t go into the light, if you see the light, go the other way, come back!


You never know how strong you are

" You never know how strong you are... "
” You never know how strong you are… “

Nurse Tara and Nurse Janet continue to work with my friend holistically using creative visualizations as part of her healing therapy. By including the mind, body, spirit connection my friend is healing herself by healing her entire body or microcosm. Here, in the photo above, Maria has cut out parts of the coloring book and adhered it to the wall using water and Elmer’s glue. It’s a great decoupage with sprouting flowers, leaves/hair and wonderful healing mandala’s  with the words ” You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have ”


Keep Focused

Where to go once healed - keeping the focus
Where to go once healed – keeping the focus

Maria then added the mental escape place, which is San Diego. When my friend looks at the wall, she focuses on being healed and enjoying a restful, rejuvenative retreat. This is where all of us will vacation together when this is all over. But until then she uses this particular part of the healing wall as a way to keep focused on the desired outcome, the healing…

And finally here is the healing wall now

Healing wall - just before 4th chemo treatment
Healing wall – just before 4th chemo treatment

So here is the healing wall as it is today. My friend says she knows she is going to be healed when she looks at the wall and see’s all the contributions people have made to it and she is so grateful.

It’s funny how life puts us on a journey giving us what we need, when we need it.

My friend went back in the hospital today as she begins her 4th chemo treatment, she’s more than half way through the treatment process. Please keep her in your prayers OR send some good healing vibes her way. Thank you!


Paint On!

Sending you love and hugs


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  1. REcreate-RebeccaEvansCreate

    Wow, this is an amazing idea, sending hugs to your friend ( virtual of course) and I hope her treatment is going well. This mural is so inspirational xx

    1. Deb B

      Thank you Rebecca, I believe it keeps her motivated to kick some cancer butt!

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