VISITED by an Alien

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VISITED – an alien painting


visited - an alien painting
VISITED 24 x 18 Mixed Media on stretched canvas by Deb Breton


With a fascination with life on other planets in galaxies far away, is it any wonder this painting came out of me?



“I’m frequently asked, “Do you believe there’s extraterrestrial intelligence?” I give the standard arguments there are a lot of places out there, the molecules of life are everywhere, I use the word billions, and so on. Then I say it would be astonishing to me if there weren’t extraterrestrial intelligence, but of course there is as yet no compelling evidence for it.
Often, I’m asked next, “What do you really think?”
I say, “I just told you what I really think.”
“Yes, but what’s your gut feeling?”
But I try not to think with my gut. If I’m serious about understanding the world, thinking with anything besides my brain, as tempting as that might be, is likely to get me into trouble. Really, it’s okay to reserve judgment until the evidence is in.”
― Carl Sagan


“In very different ways, the possibility that the universe is teeming with life, and the opposite possibility that we are totally alone, are equally exciting. Either way, the urge to know more about the universe seems to me irresistible, and I cannot imagine that anybody of truly poetic sensibility could disagree.”
― Richard Dawkins, Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder


Creepy, haunting, other worldly. Where did this come from? Available Here



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