Watercolor dog painting

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Watercolor painting of my friends dog

As some of you know, we moved here to beautiful Sonoma County California from the east coast. We didn’t know a soul here, but fell in love with the area. One of the first people we met was Nancy from the Home Depot.  Moving into a new house, we practically lived at the home depot for the first year. Nancy manages the Women’s Do It Herself Workshop that we regularly attend there. It’s so much fun to build, tile and learn new things in this workshop and Nancy makes it all fun – it’s a great group of people – plus she makes some pretty awesome dessert!  During the past several years I’ve known Nancy to do so many nice things for everyone (including us) that I felt like i wanted to do something for her. So one day when she posted a picture of her little dog named Stewie on facebook, I decided I would try to immortalize him with a watercolor painting.


matting a watercolor dog painting for my friend Nancy
Matting watercolor painting of Stewie.


This is Stewie, what a cutie!


Here’s a quick video I made of the process. I also did several tweaks to the eyes and mouth post filming which did not make it into the video, but at least you get an idea of the process. I love animals, so this was such a blast to do!





Have a great week!


Don’t forget to hug or smile at someone – be the good you want to see in the world….
Love everyone, even the haters – they need it most.


InJoy – Paint On,






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8 Responses

  1. Laura (Createarteveryday)

    What a wonderful painting and I just love your parting words, Deb! White dogs are a challenge; you make them look easy!

    • Deb B

      Thank you Laura, yes white dogs are a challenge if you want semi realistic, probably why I like to paint them in vibrant colors!☺ Thank you for dropping in. I want to do the bird painting thing, I believe you started it, yes? Once a month? That might be fun, I love birds and am a birder!

      • Laura (Createarteveryday)

        Nice! Oh I hope you do! I will be posting my roundup on Saturday, there’s still time if you’d like! But yeah we do it every month on the eighth. I’ve fallen in love with some of your birds that I’ve already seen. Just post a link to your work in the comments section of my hummingbird from July 8th and you’ll be in like Flynn! 🙂

        • Deb B

          Sweet, thanks Laura! So on the 8th, do I need to tag the bird post, or tag you – how does that work?

          • Laura (Createarteveryday)

            Deb, the only thing you need to do is post your bird and then just go to my site and in my comments section under my bird (I usually post it early that morning), put a link to your artwork there. This way, when I do the roundup of all the bird art, I won’t miss you! <3 Glad you'll be joining us!

  2. artandmoondreams

    Stewie is beyond adorable…what a cutie! Your painting is lovely and such a sweet thing to do for your friend. Thank you for sharing.

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