Which orientation do you like best?

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Which orientation do you like best?

I had a good time with this one! It started as a simple drawing on a painted canvas and this was the result. Cubism. The question is, which way or which orientation do you like best? Every time I turn this around and hang it a different way, I see something different, then someone else looks at it and they see something entirely different. I have always known that we all perceive art differently, no different from life: we all see according to our own perspective of things.


So help a sister out and please let me know what you see and which way you prefer it, thanks

which artwork is best
New Artwork, which orientation do you like best 1, 2, 3, or 4


The Unmaned-2 www.debbreton.com


Thanks a bunch,



Paint on!

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    • Deb Breton

      Thanks Fabio! Based on the emails I’ve gotten and others’ input – I do think #1 is it too!

  1. Happijii

    me, I sort of like two because it implies movement in a clockwise direction and I can also see a pilgrim with a backpack and a staff heading into the quiet of the valley…

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