Wine Snob – the latest in the Wine Series – video

The Wine Snob

Pop-Art Painting

Wine Snob 20×20 by Deb Breton


She’s the perfect wine snob in her black fedora and sporting her Chopard diamond studded sunglasses. Cartier earrings and lots of diamonds and bling, she’s a wine bitch and she knows it! Genuine Swarovski crystal diamonds on her glasses, earrings and around her neck! Top it off with an art bead on her pinky finger.


This painting was inspired by my friend Lisa Green. No, Lisa is not a snob, but somehow this became a joke at a party we attended and it just stuck! I’ve known plenty of wine snobs, just never heard them called that before, so thanks Lisa!


Collect this original painting here.

Look for this piece at the Hopscotch Gallery in Glen Ellen, California. It will be part of my wine series that will be on display.

Cheers – have a great day,

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