Art that touches the soul and makes our world a brighter place, one painting at a time


Need a little color and bling on your walls? I can help you unleash your true colors and express yourself! When people beautify their home or office with my uplifting modern art paintings, they say they feel inspired and empowered. There aren’t many things in life that are better than that…

My abstract and celebrity portrait paintings always aim to empower, especially in these crazy times! So, whether you’re choosing an original painting, or you want to co-create a one-of-a-kind custom piece, the focus is always the same: unleashing your colorful, creative side while beautifying your home or office. Can you just imagine how your space will come to life and how you might feel with one of these colorful paintings to brighten your world?

“My drab office is drab no more – and I’m on my way to having my own Deb Breton art gallery (this is my third piece!) Loved this painting so much that @berg_isthe_word made it mine. Bringing some much needed positivity to my office space” – Valerie Perdue


Each brushstroke and droplet of paint is made with a deliberate hand guided by an intentional spirit

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Have you been looking for one-on-one personalized service with a professional artist who listens?

If so, let’s talk about creating a custom painting for your living space that will brighten your world!  If you’re an interior designer we can coordinate color palettes in a style that will work best for your client. And if you’re someone passionate about color, we can explore your vision and co-create a painting for you, or someone special! 

“I work with amazing people who unleash their true colors and turn their homes and offices into an oasis of uplifting color” – Deb

Please feel free to look around, if you have any questions, just send me an email [email protected] or call/text me at: 707-694-8504

Deb Breton is best known for her colorful abstract and celebrity portrait paintings, oftentimes combining words or lyrics to express uplifting and empowering themes. Though primarily a self-taught painter, her earlier design career found her working with Warner Bros. Studio’s and the Dali Museum, among others.

Deb Breton Contemporary Painting – San Francisco California’s North Bay artist who creates
Bright, Colorful, Unique, Vibrant, Happy, Exuberant, Passionate, Expressive, Creative, Modern, Contemporary, Abstract & Pop Art Paintings