Morning Meditation abstract landscape painting by Deb Breton

Making our world a little brighter, one painting at a time…

Artist Deb Breton’s contemporary paintings are filled with spirit and passion. Her abstract paintings are created using many layers of paint, gestural marks and/or texture. As a result, these layers and textures give each painting their depth and radiance. Maybe that’s the reason her paintings are found to be so uplifting and inspiring? Just imagine how your space might come to life with one of these canvas paintings hanging on your wall? Get a painting that’s imbued and filled with uplifting intention and positive energy.

Every line, brushstroke, droplet, and scrape of paint is made with a deliberate hand, guided by an intentional spirit

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Deb Breton San Francisco California's North Bay artist who creates Bright, Colorful, Unique, Vibrant, Happy, Exuberant, Passionate, Expressive, Creative, Modern, Abstract, Pop-Art and Contemporary Paintings