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  • Abstract Paintings

    Abstract Paintings

    Abstract Paintings  To fully appreciate an abstract painting, just let go of the need to understand it, and instead tune into your own feelings in response to the piece. Part of the allure with abstract art is that we each seem to interpret and see things differently which in turn, makes it a great conversation piece. So go ahead, unleash…
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    Art Prints

    Art Prints We are finally able to offer you quality, affordable prints. Now, you can order custom sized art prints on wall art, home and office decor, mugs and more. Perk up your home, or office with these unique prints that will brighten your mood. It's the perfect way to inspire and uplift your day and it makes a pretty…
  • Portrait Paintings

    Portrait Paintings

    Portrait Paintings A collection of portrait paintings of famous people and celebrities who inspire, uplift  and empower us. Have someone in mind that you don't see here? Contact me for a custom portrait painting!

Abstract painting Dreams Take Flight - in living area by artist Deb Breton

“I paint uplifting, colorful interpretations of life.”

Deb Breton is best known for her colorful abstract paintings and celebrity portraits, oftentimes combining empowering words, lyrics, or symbology to express uplifting  themes.  An international, professional artist, Breton helps people express themselves with artwork that connects with us on a soul level and elevates the human spirit. 

Contemporary Painting of Supreme Warrior Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Warrior Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Each brushstroke and droplet of paint is made with a deliberate hand guided by an intentional spirit

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