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  • Abstract Paintings

    Abstract Paintings

    Abstract Paintings  To fully appreciate an abstract painting, just let go of the need to understand it, and instead tune into your own feelings in response to the piece. Part of the allure with abstract art is that we each seem to interpret and see things differently which in turn, makes it a great conversation piece. So go ahead, unleash…
  • Portrait Paintings

    Portrait Paintings

    Portrait Paintings A collection of portrait paintings of famous people and celebrities who inspire, uplift  and empower us. Have someone in mind that you don't see here? Contact me for a custom portrait painting!
  • Wine Paintings

    Wine Paintings

    Wine Paintings Wine paintings in all styles and sizes More Wine! What would you expect from an artist living in beautiful wine country - Sonoma County?
  • Prints


    Art Prints It's so thrilling to finally be able to offer you quality, affordable prints. Now, you can order custom sized art prints on wall art, home and office decor, mugs, phone cases and more. Perk up your home, or office with these unique prints that will brighten your mood. It's the perfect way to inspire and uplift your day…

Need a little color and bling on your walls? Who doesn't?

Let’s help you unleash your true colors and express yourself! When a collector personalizes their home or office space with my uplifting modern art, they say they feel inspired and empowered.

The focus of my abstract and celebrity portrait paintings aim to empower us, especially in these crazy times! So, whether you’re choosing an original painting, or you want to co-create a one-of-a-kind custom piece, the focus is always the same: unleashing your colorful, creative side while imbuing some positive energy in your home or office. Can you just imagine how your space will come to life and how you might feel with one of these colorful paintings to brighten your world? Don’t be afraid of your true colors – embrace them!

Have you been looking for one-on-one personalized service with a professional artist who listens?

Well I’m here to help you. I actually listen to you and help make your vision become a reality. If you’re an interior designer, let’s talk about how we can coordinate color palettes in a style that will work best for your client. And if you’re someone who’s passionate about color, we’ll explore your vision and co-create a painting for you, or someone special! There’s no better time than now to brighten your world! 

Find out how easy it is...

Let's talk about co-creating that perfect piece of custom art!
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Featured Artist

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Deb Breton square abstract painting
Mardi Gras abstract painting in living area


Deb Breton is best known for her colorful abstract and celebrity portrait paintings, oftentimes combining words, or lyrics to express uplifting and empowering themes. Though primarily a self-taught painter, her earlier design clients included Warner Bros. Studio’s, Nestle and the Dali Museum, among others. As an independent professional artist since 2005, Deb cares about helping people to express themselves with artwork that touches the soul and elevates the spirit. In a world where you can be anything – be the light!

Singer P!NK painting in living area.
Singer PINK painting in situ


Each brushstroke and droplet of paint is made with a deliberate hand guided by an intentional spirit


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