Art that touches the soul and makes your world a brighter place, one painting at a time.

Artist Deb Breton’s contemporary abstract and famous pop-art portraits are filled with spirit and passion. Her colorful art aims to inspire, uplift and empower us! Whether you’re choosing an original art design, or a one-of-a-kind custom painting that you co-create with her, the focus is always the same: showcasing the creative, courageous and joyful side of you while bringing colorful inspiration to your home, or office. Just imagine how your space might come to life with one of these paintings hanging on your wall?

Every line, brushstroke, droplet, and scrape of paint is made with a deliberate hand, guided by an intentional spirit

Shipping worldwide!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on every Painting

“My drab office is drab no more – and I’m on my way to having my own Deb Breton art gallery (this is my third piece!) Loved this painting so much that @berg_isthe_word made it mine. Bringing some much needed positivity to my office space -Valerie Perdue


As a professional artist, you’ll get one-on-one personalized service.
Let’s create a custom painting for your home, or office that will inspire and uplift you!
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Deb Breton San Francisco California’s North Bay artist who creates Bright, Colorful, Unique, Vibrant, Happy, Exuberant, Passionate, Expressive, Creative, Modern, Abstract, Pop-Art and Contemporary Paintings





Square Abstract Landscape Painting

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DELUGE is a small square abstract landscape painting     Maybe not nearly as bright and colorful as my usual.. But DELUGE is a small square abstract landscape with some paint drips, textures... READ MORE

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