Painting emotional stories that connect us

Painter Deb Breton working on extra large abstract painting

Globally collected artist Deb Breton is an abstract expressionist artist living & working in Northern California, U.S.

Breton shares her unique vie­w of the world as expressive works of art. The work isn’t just about the finished piece, it is about the creative journey, the process. It’s about the feelings, the stories, and the experiences of her life, which have shaped each brushstroke. She uses many mediums, such as oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, pencil, and ink, to create expressive paintings. Each gestural mark and drip of paint, is a punctuation in her expressive language of storytelling.

Acquiring her artwork isn’t about a transaction, it’s about you collecting artwork that captures a genuine piece of our human connection together. And that is a story worth telling.

canvas with gesso spelling out LOVE Because everything begins with love


Artist Recognition

Breton’s paintings can be found in collections all over the world, in over 10 countries. Notable clients include Warner Bros Studios, Dali Museum and Nestle.

“Every brushstroke and drip of paint, is an expression of emotion. And it’s this energy in these paintings, that I share with you.”


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Featured artist at Saatchi Art and Singulart 

plus, 5 star rating on google