Creating art that celebrates the human spirit, helping make our world a brighter place

Artist Statement

Though my formal training is in art and design, it’s really abstract art and expressionism that excite me.

My paintings are influenced by the world around me, the human experience… My portrait paintings reflect on popular culture and social issues such as civil rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, of which I’m a part.  You’ll find triangles, DNA strands, and numbers in my neo-expressionist work. For me, these symbols seem to bubble-up time, after time, as I question reality, or rather, the perspective of it… Oftentimes, there are elements of pop culture and urban/street art influences. It’s this energy in my paintings, that I share with you.

My paintings are created using acrylics, oils, watercolors, inks, and collage

Based in California, USA, I draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds our area. I’m an avid fruit and vegetable gardener, birder, meditation enthusiast and spiritual warrior.

Deb Breton in StudioAbout

Deb Breton is an abstract artist who paints colorful interpretations of life. Her work oftentimes includes symbolism, words or lyrics. In Breton’s portraiture work she blends the lines between representational and expressionism. Preferring to use layers of colors and marks to capture the essence of the human spirit. Her artworks have been featured in corporate installations and in private collections all over the world.

canvas with gesso

“Much of my work is built upon layers and layers of paint, revealing colors beneath, or beside them in a dance between light and dark. As an intuitive, my work comes through me, and it’s this expression that is relinquished onto the canvas with every line, brushstroke and droplet of paint.”

Notable clients I’ve designed with include: Warner Bros Studios, Dali Museum and Nestle 

I paint uplifting, colorful interpretations of life.

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Featured Artist
Featured Artist
“Infinite Motion” is a  commissioned painting, measuring 36″ x 80″.

Long Bio (for press)

Deb Breton is best known for her colorful abstracts and expressive portrait paintings. Though Breton is a self-taught painter, she credits her earlier career creating with clients like Warner Bros. Studio’s, Nestle and the Dali Museum for giving her structure in design and color.

As more of this work was being performed on the computer, Breton really longed to create with her hands again. So in 2003 she learned to turn, carve and paint wood. This hobby quickly became her profession as her work was appearing in print and being collected globally.


All of that changed

In 2010 Deb’s mom came to live with her under hospice care. So, setting up a studio in the room next to her mom, she began painting.  Just as she had drawn and colored as a kid to help her survive a lung condition (she was told she wasn’t going to see her 16th birthday), she found that painting helped her cope with her mom’s passing. 

Full circle

It turns out, Deb found her “Zen” while painting and has been using her passion to express her zest for life. And it’s THIS energy, imbued in her paintings, that light up a room.

An avid gardener, birder and hiker, she enjoys good food and sunshine. She and her wife of 23 years live amid the rolling hills of beautiful wine country, Sonoma County, California. They have a rescued dachshund, cocker spaniel mix dog named Ziggy, who is kind enough to let The Debs live  with her.