I paint uplifting, colorful interpretations of life.

Deb Breton abstract artist
Deb Breton abstract artist

Original abstract art. Deb Breton is an abstract expressionist artist working in Sonoma County, California. She creates vibrant, effusive paintings using acrylic, oil, spray paint, and collage. Her abstract style leans into paint drips, graffiti, and mark making, all combined to evoke the viewer’s imagination.

“Every brushstroke, mark, and drop of paint, is an expression of life and emotion. And it’s this energy in these paintings that I share with you.” As an organic fruit & veggie gardener, animal lover, nature lover, cancer survivor and meditation enthusiast, I bring a lot of love, and zest for life to the canvas.

canvas with gesso

Artist Recognition

Breton’s paintings can be found in collections all over the world, from Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland & more. Notable clients include Warner Bros Studios, Dali Museum and Nestle.

“My work is built with layers upon layers of paint, that reveal colors beneath them in a dance between light & dark, color & contrast” 

Supporting those who help the planet.

As as abstract artist, I’m aware of the impact my business has on the environment.
By giving a percentage of my income, and supporting other 1 percent partners, I’m able to “give back” and help our planet.

Also available at Saatchi Art, Singulart and Artmajeur

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