Creating art that touches the soul and makes our world a brighter place, one painting at a time


Hi, my name is Deb Breton,

I help people unleash their true colors and express themselves.  Creating modern art that brightens the world one painting at a time.


“Deb, why do you paint?”

My answer is simple:     I’m not sure I can survive if I don’t.
This sounds cheesy, but you see, when I was young, I slept in an oxygen tent due to a congenital lung ailment. Doctors didn’t think I’d live to see my 15th birthday. But I didn’t listen to them. And probably the only reason I’m still here today is because I refused to believe them! Yeah, I spent a LOT of time in different hospitals all over the globe. So much so, that sometimes it felt as though I lived there. As you can imagine, I didn’t get to play like the rest of the kids and my coping mechanism was to sketch. Every hurt, every procedure, every night alone in the hospital, I would pour out my hurt and frustration onto paper to express how I was feeling. Back then it was pencil and crayons that kept me alive and going strong, today, it’s painting.


Art Heals

How I wished there were colorful, cheerful paintings in my hospital rooms, doctor’s offices, or even in our home when I was growing up. Maybe that’s why my life is centered around creating positive messages and colorful themes to this day?  Sure, I could tell you all about color theory and why certain paintings just make you feel so good, but I won’t bore you with all that. Let’s just say that I paint with a purpose and bring a lifetime of gratitude and a fierce celebration of life to every single painting.  I hope you feel that energy, that you feel inspired and be empowered and know that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to! And that’s why every painting is imbued with love and an unmistakable positive energy. Because I want you to feel how I felt, when I painted it.


The bottom line

You are getting a one of a kind painting from an international artist with works in 7 countries. My work has consistently increased or held its value each year. But most of all, and the real point here is – you’re getting a painting where every brushstroke and droplet of paint is made with a deliberate hand, guided by an intentional spirit and filled with an energy that’s going to light up your space and make you feel good. Every single artwork is created from a place in the heart, painted in a universal language we all speak.  And I appreciate your trust in me, as we journey together in brightening our world, one painting at a time.




What makes me tick?

i was a pescatarian for many years

i love to star gaze

nope, don’t do string beans

i am a “birder” and travel, taking photos of birds and adding them to my life-list

400 or higher thread count sheets please

i love life

meditation is my best friend

nope, don’t do cauliflower either

i am a military brat

i’ve been happily engaged/married to the love of my life for nearly 20 years

food. i love food… ethnic food? even better! i’ve eaten chocolate covered grasshoppers

nearly every day, i need to recharge my batteries by resting in the hammock or napping in my studio

the world is my family

i adore our four legged rescued kids – a dog named Ziggy and a cat named Westley – and they are treated like ROYALTY

i love music & love to dance. sometimes i dance while i paint

my mom was an immigrant, i still speak a little bit of Austrian

surprise! i am an INFP on the Myers Briggs scale

my dad had Alzheimer’s, it was a long goodbye

i’m stubborn as hell sometimes, just ask my wife

my brain is like a sponge when it comes to subjects i enjoy

i’ve held a snake.. twice… after overcoming a lifetime of fear of them

dark chocolate or milk chocolate? both 😊


Ziggy ala janis joplinFL Ziggy Dog – channeling Janis Joplin.

Deb Breton was also a woodturning artist for many years turning, carving and painting wood. See more at



Deb Breton – Short biography for press release

Deb Breton is best known for her colorful mixed media abstract and empowering celebrity portrait paintings. Though Deb’s primarily a self-taught painter, her earlier design career found her creating for clients like Warner Bros. Studio’s, Nestle and the Dali Museum.

As more work was being done on computer, Breton really longed to create with her hands again. So she learned to turn wood and as she says, “there was something so satisfying about taking a log that was destined for the fireplace and turning it into something beautiful.” This hobby quickly became her profession and before you know it, her work was appearing in print and being collected globally.


Change of events

In 2010 Deb’s mom came to live with her under hospice care. Setting up a studio in the room next to hers, Deb began painting. She used colors that were infinitely brighter than how she viewed the world at that time.  She had come full circle. Just as she had drawn and colored as a kid to help her survive her lung ailment, she found that painting was a great release to help her cope with her mom’s passing. Now Breton paints how she see’s the world, infused with love and vibrant, uplifting colors. In fact, if you look closely, many of her paintings include hidden hearts in them.

Deb Breton lives in Sonoma County, California with her wife, their geriatric kitty and an adopted rescue dog named Ziggy. Her work oftentimes uses symbolism, words and lyrics to express empowering themes. When viewing her exuberant colorful work, you get a sense that every brushstroke and droplet of paint is made with a deliberate hand, guided by an intentional spirit and is filled with an energy that will light up any space.

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