Minimalism paintings, minimal in design, or color palette.

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  • Take Me Away Quick View
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      Take Me Away Quick View
    • Take Me Away

    • Modern Abstract Gold and Blue with Paint Drips Take Me Away - Acrylic painting measures 36" x 48" x 1.5" sides are painted black. Gold undertones make this piece shimmer as you move your focal point. Glazed layers of rich blues, teal and earth tones gives this a very calm and peaceful feeling. There's an almost ethereal feel to this…
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  • Peaceful Pond Quick View
    • Peaceful Pond Quick View
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    • Peaceful Pond

    • $540.00
    • Monet inspired lily pond Painting: Oil, Acrylic, oil pastel on canvas. Peaceful Pond - everyone could use a little more nature in their life these days. Seems nature has a way of grounding us. The lotus blooms add a touch of color and add focal point to this predominantly green and blue painting with faint drips from the acrylic under-painting.…
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